Why Choose Brunswick Bowling Equipment


The Brunswick GS series of pinsetter consists of several models of pinsetters that have changed to meet the needs of the proprietor, mechanic and bowler. In 1997, Brunswick introduced the GS-98 Pinsetter. It is controlled and operated by a new consolidated electronic system which uses a two control box system to reduce the number of printed circuit boards needed to operate the pinsetter. Also, software and hardware improvements have made the GS-98 Pinsetter more efficient and user friendly. And of course after that is the GSX, which was introduced in '99 or 2000 and become the most reliable pinsetters ever.


1) Performance


Reliability is priority 1st in pinsetters, and the outstanding performance of Brunswick equipment simply can't be beat. Brunswick's ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facility maintains the highest quality control standards.


2) Parts Savings


GS98 and GS-X Pinsetters have fewer moving parts that are susceptible to wearing out or failing than competitors' models. Plus, Brunswick offers a two-year warranty on components after certified Brunswick installation with a one-year warranty on electrical components and wear components. That translates into potential parts savings of up to 40% per year — and tens-of-thousands of dollars back in your pocket.


3) Labor Savings


GS-X Pinsetters keep the mechanics simple, making them easier to train on and operate. The GS-X system is easily serviceable by staff who aren't career-long bowling mechanics. Troubleshooting is also simplified with integrated self-diagnostics and easy-to-read LCD displays. In fact, centers report annual savings of 30-40% after replacing an older pinsetter.


4) Energy Management


Save energy—and money—by Brunswick GS series equipment. This system runs on three-phase power and requires only one power source per two pinsetters. A common ball accelerator motor runs only when needed, which helps to reduce total power usage by up to 10 percent.

You purchased the best when you bought Brunswick bowling equipment.















Why choose Brunswick Equipments from Used Bowling


USED bowling market got decline around 2010 , when a lot of bowling center closed with Brunswick bowling machines that were just used a couple of years. These machines and lanes are still in 70% or 80% new status. Our rich experience technicians' team refurbishes these bowling machines and ensure they will perform like new on either appearance or running function. The following are general reconditioning program for GS equipment.


Totally dismantling and Cleaning


The whole pinsetter will be dismantled for easy check and clean. All the broken parts will be picked out and be replaced with genuine heavy-duty parts by next step. Different tools and material will be adopted to clean the capital machine and spare parts against those dust, greasy dirt, other dirties, etc.


Painting and Replacing spare parts


The frame and parts surface will be painted again, such as motor and gear box, turret, deck assembly, etc. After drying, Frame and parts will be checked and broken and worn parts will be replaced with finest heavy-duty parts.




6  Months for used Brunswick